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Большая Америка

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126 Re: Большая Америка в Сб Июн 17, 2017 1:10 am


Puerto Rico’s June referendum on U.S. statehood was boycotted by the opposition and suffered from low turnout but has once again put a spotlight on the island’s economic depression and debt crisis. Supporters see statehood as a way of easing Puerto Rico’s mounting woes. But Congress has consistently rejected the idea of statehood and even if it approved such a move it would carry heavy costs, warns CFR Senior Fellow and former Treasury Department official Brad W. Setser. “The fact that Puerto Rico has built up a level of debt that is far in excess of any other state would make the transition to statehood quite difficult,” he says. Meanwhile, further hardships loom as a federal oversight board imposes austerity measures. “There will be sacrifices on the part of pretty much everyone,” Setser says.

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